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1 - Introduction

2 - Acceptance of terms and conditions

3 - How to order

4- Payment methods

5 - Availability of products

6 - Sale Prices

7 - Shipping methods

8 - Rights of withdrawal

9 - Orders cancellation

10 - Privacy

11 - Contacts

12 - Governing law and competent jurisdiction

13 - Changes and revisions


1 - Introduction

1.1 These Terms and Conditions settle the purchase of products and services, carried out remotely by the purchaser (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") through Internet at the partner FTP Forniture Tecniche Pianoforti (hereinafter referred to as "FTP"), headquartered in Via Meucci, 19 Arcugnano, (VI), Italy.

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2 - Acceptance of terms and conditions

2.1 The contract between FTP and the Customer shall be concluded with the acceptance of it, even partial, by FTP. This acceptance is automatic, unless otherwise communicated to the Customer.

2.1.1 Customer is not entitled to damages or compensation, and any contract or tort liability for direct or indirect damages to people and / or property (things), caused by non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.


2.2 The Customer is obligated to read these general conditions of sale carefully before placing an order. Sending the purchase order implies that you are fully aware of, and expressly accept, the above-mentioned general conditions of sale and the terms on the Order Form.

2.2.1 By placing an order on this web site, you are guaranteeing us that you are an adult (18 years old) and have the legal ability to enter into a binding contract.

2.2.2 The Customer is forbidden to enter false, invented or imaginary names during the online order procedure and additional communications. The Vendor reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse, in the interests and protection of all consumers.

2.2.3 Moreover, by accepting these terms and conditions, you release the Vendor from any liability deriving from the issuing of incorrect tax documents due to errors in the data you provided at the time of the entry of the online order, since, as the customer, you are the only one responsible for their correct entry.

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3 - How to order

3.1 “Online sales contract” means the remote contract for the sale of chattel goods (hereinafter the Products) signed entered into between you, as the Customer and FTP, as the Vendor, in the context of an e-commerce service organized by the Vendor, which uses the remote communications technology known as Internet.


3.1.2 To conclude a contract for the purchase of one ore more products you must following the the relative instructions:

a) Select one or more products from the online catalog on

b) Fill in the order in the electronic format following the relevant procedure

c) Send the order to FTP

d) FTP sends an automatic e-mail to the Customer to confirm the receipt of the order

e) FTP checks availability of products in the warehouse

f) FTP sends an invoice with the total amount including shipping costs

g) FTP sends the products according to the different requirements established for the chosen payment method

3.1.3 The images, photographs and all representations found on merely have an illustrative value. FTP constantly implements measures aimed at ensuring that the photographs displayed on the e-commerce website are true representations of original products and also implements every technological solution possible to minimize inaccuracies. That said; viewing variations are always possible due to various causes, even of a technical nature and sometimes linked to the technological characteristics of colour resolution on your computer. Subsequently, FTP cannot be held responsible in case some graphic representations of products displayed on the e-commerce website in relation to the above technical reasons should appear not perfectly suitable or corresponding. Moreover, a product with variants (eg. colour, shape, size etc.) might appear with the same picture.

3.1.4 It is understood that all the purchase support information (eg. Glossary, How to Buy, etc ...) are intended as mere material for general information.

3.1.5 Before concluding the contract, you will be asked to confirm that you have read the Terms and Conditions.


3.2 The contract is concluded when the Vendor receives your order form over the Internet and checks the correctness of the data on your order.


3.3 The Vendor may refuse to fill your purchase orders that do not provide a sufficient guarantee of solvency, are incomplete or incorrect. In these cases, we will inform you by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that the Vendor has not filled your Order, specifying the reasons.

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4 - Payment methods

4.1 - Credit card - PAYPAL

4.1.1 In case of purchase by credit card, FTP will send the total invoice to the Customer by e-mail. Afterwards, FTP provides to send a money request by using PayPal to the Customer by e-mail. Then the Customer will do the payment. PayPal provides immediately to charge the amount of the purchase.

4.1.2 In case of cancellation, completly or in part, whether by the Customer or in the event of non-acceptance of the same by FTP, you will be asked by FTP to cancel the transaction and the transfer of charge. The timing of release for certain types of cards, depend exclusively on the banking system and can reach up to their maturity (24 days from the date of authorization).

After the cancellation of the transaction, in no case FTP can be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delayed releasing the amount committed by the banking system.

4.1.3 At no time during the purchase procedure FTP will have access to your credit card information (such as the number of the credit card or its expiration date), which is sent using directly to the subject that manages the electronic payment over a connection protected by an encryption protocol. This data is not record by the Vendor in any computer archive.

4.1.4 FTP can save your information only upon request of the Customer just for one transaction.

4.1.5  No archive of FTP retain such data. In any case, the Vendor cannot be considered liable for any fraudulent or undue use of credit and prepaid cards by third parties.


4.2 - Cash on delivery

4.2.1 In case of purchase by cash on delivery (for national shipment), FTP provides to send the total invoice to the Customer by e-mail, which is required to send back an order confirmation by e-mail.

Afterwards, the Customer can do the payment to a company dedicated to the transport at the time of delivery.

4.2.2 The payment of the goods by the receiver must be done in cash, bank check or cashier's check. The cash payment can be made only in amounts up to 999 (nine hundred ninety-nine) Euro in total accordance with the Decree-Law n. 201 of 6 December 2011.

4.2.3 The courier guarantees the delivery of goods only after receiving the agree amount of payment and shall repay the amount to FTP.

If the Customer decides to pay the total amount in cash, he will be required to arrange the exact amount.

The courier is not required to dispose of the rest.

4.2.4 In any case, we do not accept payments in with Bulletins Post.


4.3 - Bank transfer in advance

4.3.1 In case of payment by bank transfer in advance, FTP provides to send the total invoice to the Customer by e-mail.

Now the Customer can do the payment. The order will send done only after receiving the confirmation of the transaction on FTP account. This must be done not later than 7 (seven) working days from the order date. Going beyond those limits, means that the order will be canceled automatically.

4.3.2 The purpose of the bank transfer must necessarily bring:

- the order number

- the order date

- name or trade name of the purchaser (Customer)

The data required to perform the bank transfer is reported in the order confirmation page sent by e-mail to the Customer.

4.3.3 The Customer is responsable for bank charges incurred for the transaction.

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5 - Availability of products

5.1 The availability of products in stock can vary because of the possibility of multiple purchases at the same time by multiple users. For this reason, FTP reserves the right, upon receipt of the order, to check the availability of the existing products in stock or in their suppliers's stock.

The Customer may ask:

- the cancellation of orders, including partial

- the addition of a product or other products also substitute the missing product

- waiting for the product or products missing

In case of not production of an article or for exceptional reasons not employed by the company, FTP will inform the Customer by e-mail or telephone after receiving the order.


5.2 Each sale made by the Vendor through the online sales service can regard one or more Products, without limit of quantity for each item.

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6 - Sale Prices

6.1 All product prices indicated on the e-commerce website regards goods free from stock, excluded VAT and are expressed in Euros.

6.1.1 All product prices on the e-commerce website are different depending on the type of account: Company/VAT Number or Private. Products displayed on the window have detail prices. If you are a company or if you are a VAT Number holder, you can display wholesale prices only after registration.

6.1.2 The validity of prices shown is always and only the one, indicated on the e-commerce website at the time the order is sent over Internet.

6.1.3 Product prices can be changed according to the fluctuation of commodity prices, without any obligation to give advance notice.

6.1.4 Shipping costs can be changed without any obligation to give advance notice.


6.2 The total amount of the order do not include any shipping costs and any customs duties or taxes if shipping to countries outside the EU or to countries in which current law requires importation fees.

6.2.1 The shipping costs shown on the invoice, shall be loaded by the Customer, it is without VAT and expressed in Euro (foreign Company / VAT Number account are exempt from VAT).

6.2.2 The total invoice is sent to the Customer which is required to ensure the correct amount before making the payment.

6.2.3 The packaging is free of charge and is not counted as a cost to the Customer, so it is the responsibility of FTP.


6.3 The cost of packaging with high volumes, outside the conventional standards, will be counted in the final invoice.


6.4 For a business and private account: we make a delivery only for an amount starting from 50,00 (fifty) Euro + VAT (excluding shipping charges).


6.5 Companies / VAT Number have a discount for every order according to the taxable shown on the invoice.

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7 - Shipping methods

7.1 FTP can accept orders for delivery in the Italian territory and in all countries around the world.


7.2 For every order completed on the e-commerce website, FTP issues an invoice for the material shipped, including it in the package. For the issuance of invoice, FTP takes into account the information provided by the Customer when he created an account or when he send an order or via e-mail at a later stage. After issuing the invoice, it will be possible to make variations of the same, only in the case in which the shipment has not already been carried out.

7.2.1 The invoice is always accompanied by a shipping note, both included in the same package, unless otherwise specified by the Customer.


7.3 The shipping charges, if present, shall be carried by the Customer and are clearly explicated on the invoice. Nothing is more due by the Customer in total order, unless problems during work in progress.

7.3.1 The methods of delivery and shipping costs will be assessed and determined by FTP depending on the destination (Italy, EU, non-EU), the weight and volume of the package.

7.3.2 For national shipping: if the amount is equal to or higher than 700,00 (seven hundred) Euro + VAT, the shipping costs will be carried by the Company and, therefore, not by the Customer, except:

-any transport contributions costs for goods excessively voluminous and / or heavy, explained when the order is completed

-any costs of storage and transport costs, if the goods are not collected

-any charges for delivery in disadvantaged locations

-any costs of delivery to specified floor

In these particular cases, the total amount including any shipping charges will be indicated on the invoice at the time of order confirmation.


7.4 No responsibility can be attributed to FTP in case of delay of delivery.


7.5 The delivery is intended at street level unless otherwise notified to FTP (by e-mail, phone or fax) at the time of the order request.


7.6 Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the Customer is required to check:

- that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the invoice

- that the packaging is not damaged, wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape or strapping).Any damage to the packaging and / or products or the mismatch in the number of packages, must be immediately reported, with RESERVE (SPECIFYING THE REASON THE RESERVE, eg. "packaging broken", "packaging crushed", etc.) on the proof of delivery.

Once signed the slip, the Customer cannot make any claim about the appearance of goods.

Any physical, correspondence or completeness problems of the goods received, must be reported within 8 working days after delivery.

7.6.1 In the event of non-collection within 5 working days of the material in storage at the warehouses of the courier by the Customer because of repeated inability to deliver to the address specified by the Customer, the order will be sent back to our warehouse.


7.7. The payment of the goods by the Customer will be done using the method of payment chosen when ordering.

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8 - Right of withdrawal

To exercise this right, the Customer must contact FTP (+39) 0444 288725 or send an e-mail to

8.1.1 The shipping costs for the return of goods are carried by the Customer. Furthermore, the Customer will not be reimbursed for the cost of delivery and any other costs indicated at the time of order, except for errors caused by FTP.

8.1.2 FTP will rebate the total amount to the Customer (excluding shipping costs) within 30 days after receiving back the goods and after verifying the integrity of them.

The rebate will be made by bank transfer or PayPal.

Bank transfer - the Buyer shall promptly notify by e-mail the bank details for reimbursement (IBAN - SWIFT and account holder).

PayPal - the Buyer shall promptly notify by e-mail his PayPal account details (e-mail) to receive the money back.

8.1.3 The goods must be returned intact, with all its parts and in its original packaging (envelopes, packages, parcels), preserved and possibly used in the normal care, without any signs of wear or dirt.


8.2 The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

- the right of withdrawl is applied to the purchased product in its entirety. It is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal only on part of the product (eg.: accessories, software, attachments, etc.)

- the right of withdrawl does not apply to: (i) to audiovisual products or to sealed computer software (including those attached to hardware), once opened, (ii) products made to measure or clearly personalized

- the products must be returned intact and in original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessory equipment: manuals, cables, etc .)

- shipping is under the full responsibility of the Customer until the confirmation of receipt in our warehouse

- on arrival to our warehouse, the product will be inspected for any damages not caused by transport


8.3 The right of withdrawal is totally lost for the lack of the essential integrity of the goods (box and / or its contents), where FTP finds:

- the goods has been threated in a non diligent way, compromising the integrity of the items or when any supplied material has been used by the Customer

- the lack of product parts / elements (accessories, cables, manuals, parts...)

In case of forfeiture of the right of withdrawal, the goods remain at the headquarters of FTP available for the Customer.

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9 - Orders cancellation

All orders are binding and can be cancelled by written communication sent by e-mail at

This is possible only if the goods have not been shipped. For orders already shipped the Customer must exercise the right of withdrawal.

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10 - Privacy

10.1 You can obtain information on how we process your personal information by accessing our Privacy Policy.

The data controller is the legal representative of the company FTP, with headquarter at Arcugnano (VI), Via Meucci, 19, Italia.


Any complaint must be addressed to:

FTP Forniture Tecniche Pianoforti

Via Meucci,19

36057 Arcugnano (VI)




Tel. (+39) 0444 288725

Fax (+39) 0444 288685



For contentions responds the Court of Vicenza.

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11 - Contacts

11.1 FTP is available to answer any questions


FTP Forniture Tecniche Pianoforti

Via Meucci, 19

36057 Arcugnano (VI)



Tel. (+39) 04444 288725

Fax (+39) 04444 288685


Technical Support:

WEB Support:

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12 - Governing law and competent jurisdiction

12.1 These Terms and conditions are governed by Italian law and will be interpreted according to it, without prejudice to any other mandatory rule prevailing in the country of habitual residence of the Customer. Therefore, the interpretation, execution and cancellation of the Terms and Conditions are subject exclusively to Italian law and any disputes relating to and/or consequential to them shall be resolved exclusively by Italian courts. In particular, if the Customer qualifies as a Consumer, any disputes will be resolved by the court of his domicile or residence based on the applicable law or, at the consumer’s option in case of a suit filed by the consumer, by the Court of Vicenza.

12.2 If, instead, the customer is acting in the exercise of his business, commercial, craft or professional activities, the parties consensually establish the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Vicenza.

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13 - Changes and revisions

13.1 The company FTP may make changes or amendments to these Terms and Conditions at any time. Therefore, we will ask the customer to accept only the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of the purchase.

13.2 The new Terms and Conditions will be effective from the date of publication on the e-commerce website and in relation to purchase orders submitted after that date.

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